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How often should I get my septic desludged?

It is an EPA Victoria requirement that your septic tank be desludged approximately once every three years. You should also get any pump chambers and grease traps desludged at the same time. Please contact your local tank cleaning provider.

Can I build over my septic?

No! Your septic system area is required to be a permanently dedicated waste water area. You MUST NOT build, concrete or pave over septic tanks, chambers or any drainage effluent field.

Can I plant near or over my septic?

Some vegetation can cause major problems with a septic system. Roots can penetrate into the system or drainage pipes and can cause blockages or breakages which prevent the septic system from functioning correctly. Problems may be minimised by careful planning and appropriate placement of bushes, shrubs and

Please refer to our ‘Planting Guidelines’ for more information.

Can I use bleach?

All septic systems rely on bacterial decomposition to help treat the waste within the system. Bleach is actually an anti-bacterial and is designed to kill off bacteria. Therefore we recommend you restrict the use of harsh chemicals or bleaches, as these can kill the bacteria and reduce the effectiveness of the system. Strictly avoid all caustic products such as drain and oven cleaners, paint thinners and other such products as they are extremely toxic to your system.

Please refer to our ‘Safe Products List’ for more information on products that are safe to use in your system.

My septic system smells, what can I do?

A septic system will usually only smell if it is not working correctly. This can be caused by any number of things. The most common reason is that the septic is old and the drains have become clogged over the years by tree roots or inappropriate products being used in the system. Most times, if this is the reason for the failure, you will require new absorption drains. Please feel free to call us for a no obligation quote and assessment of your system.

There is a wet spot in my septic drain area. Is this okay?

No! If you have a wet spot in your drainage area it may mean that your system isn’t coping with the amount of wastewater going into it. This could be due to any number of things.

A septic assessment would be able to ascertain the reason and provide you with a recommendation on repair or replacement of your system.

What happens if the light comes on?

This warning light indicates unusually high water levels in one of the chambers and if not addressed promptly, could lead to flooding and/or MAJOR damage or failure to the system and/or surrounding areas. This could then incur large repair costs.

Please refer to our ‘Trouble Shooting’ for more information.

If I purchase a property with an existing septic system, how can I locate the septic system?

You can contact your local Council and request they provide you with a copy of a septic plan if available. If not, a septic assessment may be required to ascertain the type of system and location of all the components and whether it is working correctly. Please feel free to call us for a no obligation quote and assessment of your system.

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