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Waste Water Sand Filter Systems

Serving Warragul, South Gippsland, and Traralgon

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Wastewater Systems sized to suit your needs.

Our Services

Valley Septics provides a complete design, application and installation service. Ensuring a purpose built system to meet all your wastewater and drainage needs no matter the size or location of your project.

It starts with an on-site meeting to discuss your options and requirements. This stage is critical to ensure any system will meet your current and possible future needs. Once a site investigation has taken place, we will provide you with a written no obligation quotation for a proposed system. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will then proceed with the permit application process.

Important Considerations When Planning Your System

Once the permit approval has been obtained, the installation can be undertaken. Installation, in most cases, takes only one day and is usually carried out at ‘Lockup’ stage of the construction process. This limits the possibility of damage to the system by heavy vehicles and others on site.

This will allow adequate time to obtain the ‘Permit to Use’ from council. The ‘Permit to Use’ is required to enable the final ‘Certificate of Occupancy’ or ‘Final Approval’ for your building project to be issued.

We arrange for any necessary inspections by relevant authorities.

Upon completion of the installation we will provide you with a copy of a ‘Victorian Building Authority Compliance Certificate’. This is your guarantee of our workmanship and provides you with the required insurance cover for the works carried out. You will also be provided with a copy of our ‘System Manual’ and ‘Design Plan’.

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